"Gall make[s] full use of his skill for drafting the sort of straight-from-kids'-dreams machines he showcased in Dinotrux and Revenge of the Dinotrux."---Publishers Weekly

EVERYTHING CAN BE USED AGAIN! That's Dawson's motto. He collects junk that people throw away and turns it into something STUPENDOUS. But when Dawson uses his skills to create a machine to do his chores for him, he discovers he might have invented something a little too... AWESOME. Can he stop the rampaging robot before it destroys the entire town?

Chris Gall inspires kids to reuse, repurpose, and recycle in this inventive adventure about a boy superhero who turns trash into treasures--and saves the world while he's at it!

Published by Little, Brown, and Co.

ISBN-10: 0316213306
ISBN-13: 978-0316213301


"Superheroes, recyclers, and inventors unite!"-- Booklist

"...this is action, adventure and imagination with a positive message"--- Kirkus
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